Albion News Archive 2015

20/08/15 Open Days Review.

Our Open Day Season has continued through July and August and our wonderful Summer has toyed with us once again. Whilst we haven't been "washed out" as at Beccles, sunshine has been rather elusive (despite the impression given by some of the photographs !).

We started out at Horning on July 28th. It was a chilly day but that didn't deter our visitors who turned out in good numbers, the latecomers were rewarded with a glorious sunny end to the day - thank you.

We then moved on to Ranworth the following day. This time we started with the sunshine and ended up without ! We enjoyed a different mooring to the normal spot "around the corner" and this seemed to work well and again we entertained plenty of visitors. Our collecting boxes were well supported an included an international flavour of 5 South African Rand and 1 Indian Rupee !

Despite being boarded by some "vicious" pirates we lived to tell the tale !

On the 4th of August we made our first visit to Hoveton for some considerable time and despite having stern competition from hungry ducks we managed to attract quite a few visitors and regailed them with as many wherry facts as could be remembered !

Many thanks once again to everyone who came to see us on these open days.

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05/07/15 Early Season Events Review.

Our summer weather continues to exacerbate us at our events so far this year ! After a dull start at the Ludham Open Gardens event in June we were basking in glorious sunshine whilst Albion attracted plenty of favourable comments as did the beautiful gardens. At todays Beccles Charter Weekend however, the dull start deteriorated into some seriously heavy rain for most of the day. Despite a rumour of some late afternoon sunshine the conditions and lack of visitors saw us head for home earlier than planned. Apologies to any late arriving visitors we may have missed !

A foggy morning as running rigging is fitted. Are the spens & chains rigged correctly?

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09/04/15: Rigging.

What a difference a day makes! Fog has descended on the base as work got underway with rigging. An enthusiastic group had gathered to assist in the process & now Albion is ready to face the 2015 season. Although our volunteers will assemble through the summer their winter work on Albion is now complete. All our thanks to our team for their efforts this winter.

A foggy morning as running rigging is fitted. Are the spens & chains rigged correctly?
Too many cooks ......?
The end Result.

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08/04/15: The New Year Begins.

The start of our cruising year always begins with the refitting of the mast. Once again a team of volunteers took Albion to the Upton yard of Eastwood Whelpton to have the 2.5 ton mast loaded. On our arrival we waited just short of the yard whilst a "late-waking" holidaymaker prepared to leave, then slipped alongside the quay heading. Things were tight on the quay & became much tighter for a short time when a cruiser was launched into an extremely small gap. When our turn came, the mast was loaded easily, we made our thanks to Anne & her team & made our way slowly up the dyke & on to the main river. Our job was made pleasant by the good weather & the large quantity of cake (see below).

An early morning visit by Wally Webb (one of our Ambassadors) from BBC Norfolk & we were off down the river.
Cake arrives. Notice food hygiene demonstration ! Mast moving into place.

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06/02/15: That Time Of Year.

As our volunteers continue to prepare Albion for the coming season it seems a long while since she was gracing the rivers of Broadland. To whet your appetite we thought we'd post a couple of reminders from last year, don't worry Spring isn't too far away !

Albion at Brundall in August.
Albion on Breydon in September.

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