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Where was she built ?

When was she built ?

Who was she built for ?

What is she made of ?

What are her dimensions ?

What weight is she unladen ?

What did she carry ?

How much freight did she carry ?

How were they loaded/unloaded ?

Why is the sail black ?

Why is the bow painted white ?

What size is the sail ?

Where did they originate ?

How tall is the mast ?

How heavy is the mast ?

What is the mast made of ?

How is the mast lowered with the winch "in the way" ?

Why is the vane called a 'Jenny Morgan' ?

How many crew ?

How many wherries were built ?

What did they do when wind and tide prohibited them from progress ?

When was the last trip as a commercial freight carrier ?

What is her draft ?

Why is Albion carvel built whilst all other Norfolk wherries were clinker built ?

Is there an engine ?

How fast can she sail ?

Did they sail at sea ?