DVD's & CD's

Albion's Home Run The return of Albion, under tow, from Oulton Broad to base after her ‘out of the water’ maintenance in 2014
£6.00 (+ £1.27 P&P)
Life on the Broads A professional production of various aspects of the broads and includes some shots of Albion.
£10.00 (+ £1.27 P&P)
Albion at Norwich 800 (20 mins.) Special celebration days with other Wherries
Plus: Albion 1991 (29 mins.) Major repair work and training days on Albion
£7.00 (+ £1.27 P&P)

Albion and the Stone from Caen (38 mins.) Norwich Cathedral’s 900th birthday
£6.00 (+ £1.27 P&P)

Albion Centenary (122 mins.) Showing events in 1998
£8.00 (+ £1.27 P&P)

Brighton’s Best A collection of 13 folk songs/shanties compiled by Alan Helsdon and others to mark the centenary of the Wherry Albion in 1998.
The tracks are:
1. Happy Birthday ALBION
2. Alice and Christopher
3. Yarmouth Town, a traditional song with very minor changes
4. Keep the bottom from her!
5. The Waterman
6. Born on the day of the hanging
7. The Upton Wherryman
8. The Wherryman’s Alphabet
9. A Wherry to the fens
10. I never should have sold her
11. The Yarmouth Water Frolic
12. Keep that winch a turning
13. Albion

£6.00 (+ £1.27 P&P)

Blue Water Wherries This collection tells the story of the eight Wherries which sailed to the Solent in 1857 to act as work boats for the building of new barracks at Gosport. The various songs are introduced and linked by a Narrator and includes Tracks:
3 : On board a Wherry
5 : I remember well the journey
7 : They were never meant for sea
9 : I never should have sold her
11 : We were strangers
13 : A big black sail
15 : The Upton wherryman

£6.00 (+ £1.27 P&P)