Wherry Guestbook

Here are guestbook entries from people who have been on Albion in 2009.

Tom Chapman - August 2009

I really enjoyed my trip on Albion last August. I spent two lovely days on board, and we were very lucky with the weather. We went from base at Ludham, down to Wroxham for a brisk sail accross the broad, not forgetting a great photo opportunity! Stopping for the night near Belaugh, and finishing off the second day in the evening at Potter Heigham ready for the open day in the morning. Thanks to Ian for the invite, and the experience of being on this fantastic boat!

Peter Jones - August 2009

I went on Albion in August and what a beautiful trip it was. We were blessed with the weather for the 2 days I was on it and they really showed me the beauty of the Norfolk Broads in the summer. As a keen photographer I was able to capture some amazing shots of the wildlife, the broads, and the Wherry itself as the dingy being pulled by the wherry goes out with groups of people as Albion sails the broad making the opportunities for photos very good. A very worth while trip to just get to go on Albion and learn more about who Wherries work and how peaceful they are to sail. Would love to go again, thank you for the invite last year.