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Here are guestbook entries from people who have been on Albion in 2011.

Julie Forrest - Summer - 2011

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Tim & Eileen Meadows - Summer - 2011

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Alan & Dee Truelove - Summer - 2011

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Ron Ellis - 24th September - 2011

There were eight of us ranging in age from 8 to 80 and I wondered how it would work - at least 2 (nameless) members of the party tended to view all things floating as objects of suspicion. But no worries. Skipper Henry and crew Daniel and Jon are all paid up students of human nature and soon put us at our ease. The allocation of tasks was made on the basis of volunteers and most of us were pleased to assist in keeping the Albion on the straight and narrow as she made her stately way through the Broads. A truly memorable day with lots of shared memories.

Trevor Hipperson - 7th September - 2011

Thanks to Chris & Phil for a most enjoyable day aboard Albion. The weather forecast didn't auger well and the morning was spent with the mast lowered against very strong winds and the metal quant was working overtime! However in the afernoon the wind slackened and with three reefs we had an exciting return - the rain held off !

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Clive Moon - July - 2011

I would like to thank you, the Norfolk Wherry Trust, and especially Henry, Ian and Richard, for the excellent day’s sailing on Wherry Albion last Wednesday. I thought it was wonderful, as did several others, but then we expected to do so, but even those who had thought they were not that interested were saying afterwards that it had been a very special day. Henry, Ian and Richard may be interested to know that we rang a quarter peal (1260 changes, and about 40 minutes ringing) of Cambridge Surprise Minor and Plain Bob Minor at Reedham parish church last Wednesday evening and have dedicated it to them. Could you let me know their surnames please? I would like send them a certificate of this quarter peal.

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Betty Langley - July - 2011

We all had a wonderful day on the Albion last Friday, it was everything we hoped for. Henry, Daniel and Bruce were the perfect crew, please pass on our thanks to them for making it such an unforgettable day. We will be back.

Chris Walker - July - 2011

I've had a few trips on Albion but I don't recall seeing as many smiles and grins as I did this time. Thanks should go to Chris Shallcross, Pip and Trevor. My personal vote of thanks go to Pip for his sterling galley work - I never did like washing up! There was a lack of sunshine but that didn't diminish the amount of enjoyment as seeing the sail full of wind for most of the morning more than made up for that. It was a memorable day and hopefully one I'll be able to repeat on my next trip but it will be hard to replicate.

Andrew Horsman - May - 2011

I came back two hours ago, from a day charter. Base to Ranworth & return, Skipper and crew, Roger, Peter and Chris were great. I had sailed with you about 3 years ago with sailors, so I was a bit apprehensive taking my ex civil service friends, who like a quite life, aboard Albion, a working boat. But it was fabulous, I don't know the technical sailing terms etc but it was a wonderful experience and my friends enjoyed it so well. Crew were brilliant my colleagues really enjoyed the chance to participate in the sailing, they said they had enjoyed that. You made us all at home. Our thanks to you all, not just the crew but the admin.etc who made it so painless for me,the Charterer. Grateful thanks, Andrew Horsman.

Ron, Anne, Jane, Simon, Jeremy, Jo, Amy & Jack - Summer - 2011

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