Chartering Videos

If you haven't chartered Albion before, you may be wondering what the experience is like, and what to expect. We are currently in the process of creating 4 short videos about the chartering process, from finding your way to our base, to the basics of sailing Albion. We hope to film these in the coming months and will be on the website by the summer.

We would also like the opportunity to show you people's experiences of chartering Albion, so if you have any chartering video's from a holiday on Albion, please get in contact with us using our contact us form, and let us know your details.

Everything you need to know about Chartering

  • Arriving At The Base (coming soon!)
  • Around the Base (coming soon!)
  • Around Albion (coming soon!)
  • Onboard Albion (coming soon!)

Your Chartering Videos