How Green Are We ?

We endeavour to work and play in a sustainable way.

1. We recycle waste products such as plastic, tins, textiles, paper, horticultural waste, uncooked food items and general domestic waste in the appropriate manner.

2. We have purchased recycled compost bins and been donated others for use on site.

3. We use Eco soaps and cleaners at base and on Wherry Albion as well as eco friendly or sustainably sourced toilet paper, kitchen rolls and paper towels.

4. Our journal, newsletters and fliers and general stationery are on either responsibly managed, or carbon balanced papers with committee documents and agendas sent by email or via website to reduce paper usage.

5. We monitor our electricity usage monthly and use LED lighting on Wherry Albion.

6. We support the BA Outdoor Recreational programme and regularly take part in other local community events.

7. We support local businesses such as Throwers and the Alfresco Tearooms in Ludham.

8. We are monitoring the flora and fauna of the Forsythe Wherry Yard.

9. We are working with local schools and the scouting organisation to offer an educational insight into the history of wherries and encourage safe and sustainable ways to enjoy the Norfolk Broads.

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