Green Credentials.

Policy Statement.

The Norfolk Wherry Trust exists to maintain and sail the oldest traditional working wherry on the Broads system. She has worked for over one hundred and sixteen years and it is our intention that she should continue to do so. The nature of this traditional vessel is that she impinges at a very low level on the environment. We are priviledged to be part of this superb wetland and recognise our responsibilities as one of the few artefacts of man-made heritage that still exists here. This underpins all our views. We comply with environmental legislation as it affects us and follow codes of practice established for the Broad’s wetlands and work towards minimising our impact on the environment.

Green Tourism Award.

The Norfolk Wherry Trust has always embraced a “green approach” to its operation and has now been awarded the Green Tourism Bronze Award. For many years the trust has been committed to keeping The Forsythe Yard (as far as is possible) in a natural state so reflecting the ecology of the area. Secondly, many of the things that we have done have been as kind to the environment as possible. Thirdly, the Green Tourism Business Scheme takes on board “local” issues and working with the community and this is also an aspect of our work that has been embedded in our philosophy for many years. If you also add that Albion, by virtue of being a sailing boat, and being both constructed and maintained using locally-sourced materials and the traditional crafts of local boat builders would be viewed as green you can see why, when the opportunity came along to be accredited for what we do, we decided to take up the challenge of the Green Tourism Business Award.

Albion's future !