Recent Sightings at Base and aboard Albion.

Here's a selection of what's been seen at the Forsythe Wherry Yard and on charters since March 2014.

12.2.15   -    Kingfisher pellets on deck of Wherry Maud in wet shed Forsythe Yard Ludham 
12.2.15   -    Otter signs : fish scales on rudder of Wherry Albion in wet shed Forsythe Yard
12.2.15   -    Woodpecker heard in trees at entrance to Forsythe Yard Ludham 
06.2.15  -     Little Grebe in Womach Dyke Forsythe Wherry Yard
21.1.15   -    Otter seen on top bank of wet shed eating a fish
20.1.15   -    Kingfisher seen in wherry wet shed Forsythe Yard
17.1.15   -    Kingfisher in wherry wet shed
13.12.14   -    Kingfisher seen in wet shed
04.12.14   -    Wren seen behind shed. Shrill alarm calls.
24.6.14   -    Urgent - Giant Hogweed behind base buildings. Invasive species. Sprayed.
21.6.14   -    Kingfisher on bow of moored boat in base boat shed on AGM evening.
13.6.14   -    5 Bats flying and catching insects under cover of wherry boat shed. Late evening.
12.6.14   -    Albion Charter - Bittern and Swallowtail Butterfly at South Walsham, Cuckoo at Thurne.
02.6.14   -    Albion Charter - 32 Greylag Geese with young South Walsham, Great Crested Grebes
       at Malthouse Broad in mating ritual and Mallard with 8 chicks, Marsh Harrier x 4 sightings
       Skylark descending near Womack turn, Swallows flying around base . 
01.6.14   -    Ludham to Upton - Short Eared Owl at Thurne Mouth, Little Egret at St Benet's Abbey
29.5.14   -    Fish remains on key heading which could be evidence of Otter in the vicinity.
       also Potchard, Gadwell, Little Tern, Greylag,Canada and Egyptian Geese
22.5.14   -     Goldcrest foraging in base car park
06.5.14   -    Blue Tit investigating new bird box near to base car park.
24.4.14   -    Cuckoo heard near base. Has been heard regularly since.
18.4.14   -      Bluebells flowering in base car park.
04.4.14   -      Kingfisher flying down Womack Water passed base.
03.4.14   -      Peacock Butterfly seen on pathway and nera to nettle bed at base.
11.3.14   -    First baby Mallards of the year to be seen near base.