Be A Green Visitor.

How to be a "green" visitor when in the Norfolk Broads.

1. Reduce energy consumption by switching off lights, closing doors.

2. Give your car a rest so travel by public transport, by foot, bike, canoe, and have a day sailing on Albion.

3. Shop local. Support the local shops, eateries and craft outlets in the area. Try local and regional organic produce.

4. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Say no to or reuse plastic carrier bags. Take home and recycle your rubbish or use local authority recycling facilities.

5. Be water wise. Do not waste water by using it unnecessarily. Do not discharge anything damaging into the water system.

6. Help improve water quality in our rivers and broads by choosing environmentally friendly cleaning brands with no phosphate in them.

7. Respect nature. Help us to look after the environment. Do not discard litter, guard against fire and use authorised footpaths, cycle ways and bridle paths responsibly. Report any sightings of invasive species or wildlife in distress.

8. Support Green Tourism businesses. There are plenty in the area to choose from. Look for the Bronze, Silver and Gold Award signs.

9. Green Tourism Business website. See our link to the right for further information.