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Newsletter No 13.

Barrels being loaded near Foundry Bridge, Norwich (1890). (Courtesy : Norfolk County Council Library and Information Service).

Albion loading reeds (date unknown).

The wherry 'Norfolk Hero' on the Wensum in Norwich (date unknown). (Courtesy : Norfolk County Council Library and Information Service)

On the Bure bend at Great Yarmouth, near the White Swan public house, North Quay.

Courtesy of The East Anglian Film Archive :- Albion Clips
This video includes Albion sailing into Yarmouth skippered by Jack Cates and the tall mate is Henry Hewitt (this film was taken in 1952). It also shows Jack "drudging" (dredging) Albion backwards through Yarmouth Haven Bridge with young Henry Hewitt controling the speed with the mud weight. (This practice enabled steerage as the water passing the rudder was running faster than the wherry was going). The mast break clip was during the Breydon wherry race of 1952. Again Jack Cates was at the helm, it is uncertain who the mate was on this occaision.

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