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Newsletter No 14 (April 1959) (PDF File).

Courtesy of The East Anglian Film Archive :- Albion Memories
Another gem featuring some wonderful memories and images of Albion in the 1960s from former Albion skipper Nat Bircham.

Proposal for a Change of Role for Albion (December 1959) (PDF File).
A fascinating document from 1959 which effectively changed the course of Albion's preservation. Once accepted, the original trading role was dispensed with in favour of what was planned to be a more gentle ambassadorial role. As most will know the latter developed into the busy charter based existence made possible by the proactive maintenance regime adopted in recent years.

Photo Selection.
A little bit of ice-breaking at Stalham (date unknown). (Courtesy : Norfolk County Council Library and Information Service).
A high-stern trading wherry with its bonnet fitted. This photo was used by Roy Clark as the dust cover for the 2nd impression (1972) of his classic book Black Sailed Traders. The wherry is passing the Woods End public house heading towards Norwich. Moored at the quay is the passenger vessel Atalanta. Behind this vessel another wherry is tacking (crossing the river from one bank to the other catching the head wind before bearing off onto the sailing reach and up to Postwick). The way the lag is hanging down on the vane indicates very still air, no doubt the mate on the second wherry will have the quant in pushing the wherry past Atalanta.

Two postcards from the collection of Mike Fuller.
Three wherries at Wroxham, pleasure wherry on the left hand side, a trader behind and a converted trader under way (date unknown).
The paddle steamer "Lord Nelson" passing moored wherries at Great Yarmouth around 1912.

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