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As Spring and Easter go hand in hand the theme this time is "new beginnings" ! We look at wherries working after their sailing gear has been removed.

Dredging at Malhouse Broad in 1963.
(The wherry lighter "Malve" owned by May Gurney and Thain's wherry "I'll Try").
Motor wherry towing a wherry lighter both carrying sugar beet, in the background a Steam Pump.
The high stern sheet wherry "Johnhenry" at Haddiscoe Rail Bridge being used as a mud lighter.
(Built in 1855 the "Johnhenry" used to carry tar when owned by Hobrough and was once named "British Oak". She shouldn't be confused with the "John Henry" which was a smaller wherry owned by John Henry Wright and was used on the North Walsham & Dilham Canal).
Wherry lighter being quanted across the river Yare in Yarmouth harbour c1930s.

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