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Our theme this time is a bit different, we feature photographs taken by the late Jim Codd. Jim worked at Carrow Works as graphic designer and loved photography and painting, many of his photos of the River Wensum at Norwich were taken during his lunch break.

Carrow river scene with the Spritsail barge BROWNIE with her stern showing, this 60ton barge was built in Rochester, Kent in 1901.
Carrow works Norwich on the river Wensum, in the foreground the trading wherry HOPE.
Another scene opposite Carrow works, with the trading wherry SPRAY (centre) owned by William 'Billy' Royall, who died in 1936 aged 85.
Riverside Norwich 1950, with ALBION moored just down river of Foundry Bridge. The crew Jack and George Cates are sitting and standing on the stern port side of the wherry.
Timber trading wherries at the 'Deal Ground' Carrow works. The wherry on the right is the METEOR of Surlingham Brick Works.

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