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The theme is mainly, but not solely, Bishop's Bridge, Norwich.

Note that this will be the last of our Quarterly Dips as more effort is being devoted to our online archive. We will still provide a "taster" from the archives but from now onwards this will be an annual frequency to correspond with the start of our charter season.

A painting by Arthur Montague of the River Wensum looking North towards Bishop's Bridge.
This delightful painting 'Bishop's Bridge, Norwich' by John Joseph Cotman 1872. The view is looking down river from the higher ground close to the Cow Tower corner.
View from the South side of Bishop's Bridge looking upstream. Onboard a trading wherry a family member is attending the front mooring rope.
Albion's old tiller made and carved by Ivan Edwards, with skipper Sid Chettleburgh sitting in Albion's tender. Photo taken by Mike Sparkes in 1986, then acting as mate.
A painting by George Barret Jnr (1767 - 1842) dated 1804 of a Norfolk Keel being quanted.

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