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Once again, no specific theme although high stern sheet wherries feature in a couple.

Two high stern sheet trading wherries heading to Yarmouth.
By the artist Stephen John Batchelder 1849-1932. The nearest wherry is sailing under one reef.
High stern sheet trading wherry passing Hill House Bramerton.
This wherry has no white eye also has three timber heads each side of the foredeck, possibly the Spray.
Albion heading home at Berney Arms (14-7-90), her volunteer crew waiting for a tow through Yarmouth.
Lord Roberts at Irstead Staithe c1960s.
Note the outside foot rest still in place, the inner rest has been removed to fit raised cockpit.
The Monkey House by Robert Bagge Scott. A trading wherry moored bow on, with sail set head to wind at the Monkey house just up river of Bramerton, August 2nd 1888.

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