Lady Mayhew

Died on 13th July 1998 at the age of 100. Born Beryl Colman she later married Sir Basil Mayhew. Her lifelong interests included sailing, a love of the broads and she had a special interest vin the Brown boats.

She was one of the founders and an original trusteee of the Norfolk Wherry Trust and was instrumental in obtaining the unrigged hull of the Plane, later Albion from Colmans for a nominal sum.

Based on her wide experience her input into the Trust was immensely valuable. It was she who in a particularly difficult period (experts believed that Albion should be scrapped), told the committee : "... that we have taken on the task of saving at least one trading wherry and must not be put off by the difficulties but must carry on until we have achieved our original aim."

Lady Mayhew was in later years a Vice President and was present at the launch of Albion's centenary year on the 4th April 1998. Her last function was at Horning, at the Vintage Wooden Boat Club's meeting where she accepted a plaque on behalf of Albion and the Trust.