Albion Features on BBC's 'Our Food'

Last summer the Albion took Giles Coren and a BBC TV film crew on a two day sail on the River Yare to Norwich. We had great fun making the film (leaving aside the winding up of the sail and bringing down of the sail and winding it back up and then down again so different angles could be filmed....) and the crew and Giles seemed to enjoy themselves too.

The film that was ...shot is one of four entitled ‘Our Food’ depicting different areas of the country, Kent, Wales, Scotland and Norfolk. We have been told that Duncan Barnes, (the producer/director) was so taken with Albion that he has decided that the Norfolk film will lead the series and was aired on BBC2 on Wednesday 4th April. Good food and Albion - what more can you want !

'Our Food' - Episode - 1 on BBC iPlayer

BBC 'Our Food' Programme Website

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