Over 100 years apart – visits bring together youngsters and the trading wherry Albion.

Ludham Primary School and Nursery - 13th June 2017.

The visit begins. Rope making demonstration. Girl power on the sail winch !
Learning about Albion's cargo. Checking out the cuddy.
More winching practice. More girl power learning about pulleys. Even teacher lends a hand !

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Magdalen Gates Primary - 8th June 2016.

The ever popular pulley demonstration, hands-on physics !
Knot tying lessons continue to cause despair and elation !
Rope making demonstration. The always challenging "How many children will fit in the cuddy" excercise.
The foredeck explained. Handing over the completed "wherry rope" ! Watching the sail being raised.

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Magdalen Gates Primary - 11th June 2015.

How many can we squeeze into the cuddy ? Knot tying can be fun - honest !
The ever popular fore deck. Paying attention but wanting to get on the winch. Girl power !
Anything she can do .... Keep going, I think the gaff is moving. You're not meant to make it look easy !
About to enter the hold to learn about the cargoes Albion carried. Wherry sing-song.
Perfect, one hand for you and one for the boat. Many hands tie good knots ? These pulleys are heavy going !

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Martham Cub Scouts - 17th June 2014.

Some local cub scout groups already have links with the wherries. Raising a laugh as we help raise the sail. It is easier than I expected; - it really is!
There was lots of help on hand while we learnt. Finding out more down in the hold as well as seeing ‘tools of the trade’.

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St Nicholas House - 29th May 2012.

The mast looks awfully tall and the sail absolutely huge. I can just move it a bit. "Right over left and then left over right" we want a reef knot and not a granny !
The Albion is called a "black-sailed trader" for good reason ! Never were there such devoted shipmates.

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