Volunteer's World - 2010 Archive

A Volunteer's View of 2010.
Another selection of photograph's taken by Bob Carman throughout 2010.


Our very own Forth Bridge ! Guess who ?


No comments on the head-gear - please ! Has anyone got a manual ?


Has "The OF" lost something ? Prefer this weather to the snow.


Aren't these all meant to be the same length ?

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13/01/11 : Xmas Get Together 2010.

As has become traditional the 2010 "bash" for the Base Volunteers was held in the following year !

We may have to start calling it our New Year's Bash at this rate !

Once again we gathered in The Coach and Horses on Thorpe Road, Norwich.

With one or two exceptions, that is those that have a leaning towards the "amber nectar", the products of The Chalk Hill Brewery were sampled and given a seal of approval. Considering the "nautical" association with Albion perhaps the Dreadnought Bitter should have been more popular but did prove to be a trifle "heavy" for a session beer !

After allowing sufficient drinking time (for most of us) we then sampled the wares of the kitchens and there weren't too many complaints in that department either.

Thanks to everyone for turning out and here's looking forwards to the "next one" !


Some mainly happy smiling faces !

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