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17/11/11 : Autumn Images.

A few images from our continuing maintenance sessions.
Good to see "Dave 2" back following his unscheduled break ! Housekeeping leaves something to be desired !
Jeff & Gill hard at work as usual !
At last we've got Clive away from the biscuits ! Newbie Rob being broken in !

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22/10/11 : Man Overboard Training.

Many thanks to Mark Elson for "hosting" this training session and furthermore for braving the depths of Womack Dyke in the process. It may have looked sunny but there weren't many of us wanting to swap places with Mark !

One more time please Mark. I'm not cold - honest !
You've got to be dedicated to put up with this ! Thanks again Mark.
Where's the casualty gone ? I thought YOU knew what you were doing !

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14/10/11 : Stewart Walton Funeral.

Stewart's funeral took place at 2.30 today at St. Andrew's Church, Gorleston. Many friends and relatives attended, including his friend Jackie, who many of you will remember from our bbq's. His life was celebrated with fondness and fun, laced with several anecdotes on his life. His friend Simon recounted a tale when Stewart skippered Albion, with Simon as mate. It was a school party and some of the pupils had become a little fractious. Albion moored at Horsey staithe and the party disembarked for a walk to the beach. After a short while Stewart had a great idea! Lowering Albion's mast and quanting her out of the dyke (and out of sight) he moored her in the reeds - and waited ............ Paul,one of Stewart's sons gave a more personal account of his life but always at the heart of things was Stewart's love of fun. Paul despatched Stewart with a bottle of rum and a compass - necessary companions for the future.

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06/10/11 : Stewart Walton RIP.

It is sad to report that one of our former stalwarts Stewart Walton passed away last week. His funeral service will be held on 14th October, 2.30pm at St. Andrew's, Gorleston followed by a service at Gorleston Crematorium.

Stewart Walton

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05/10/11 : More on Mast Removal.

Further photos of the mast removal process.

That's the way to do it ! Are you sure ?
Are we ready ? Away she goes?
Putting to bed. Job done !

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29/09/11 : Is it Winter Already ?

A few "magic moments" from the first day of winter preparations !


"03" Appears to have failed !
False alarm as our "Honda Hero" leaps into action (without a life jacket) !
No, we are not fixing this on the foredeck ! There'll be hell to pay if anyone nicks that ladder !
Jon, if you say you're emptying a kettle that's fine by me !

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26/09/11 : End of Season Training.

We scheduled a couple of training days at the end of the season and this appeared to create all sorts of confusion amongst our illustrious trainers. Of particular note was a most unusual mate/quant combination which was fortunately caught on camera as can be seen below ! Another rumour, unfortunately not supported by photographic evidence (unless you know better ?) was a certain Chris/Phil combination not only finding where the bonnet was stored but allegedly fixing it to the bottom of the sail !


What have we here ?

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25/08/11 : Open Day Activity.

A few images from Potter Heigham, Horning and Ranworth open days.


Have we ever seen the like before - thank you Pam ! Potter Heigham


Ranworth Wot no visitors !


Man's work ?!

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30/06/11 : Another Wanderer Returns.

After the customary cuppa, overalls were donned and it was back to business as usual for Ray Sunman !


Back in the grove ! Sorcerer and his apprentice The sorcerer - good to see you Ray

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30/06/11 : Volunteers Cruise Video.

Click here to view video of the Volunteer's Cruise on 22/06/11, courtesy John Parker.

23/06/11 : 60 - 'Avin a laugh !

What better way to celebrate 60 years than being out on Albion for the day.


Note the multi-role card - courtesy our resident artist !

Many thanks to John Reeve's charter party for making Trevor's day even more memorable !

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22/06/11 : Volunteers Cruise.

Many thanks to Roger & Pete for taking charge of this seasons "cruise".

A good day was had by all despite the weather ! We started out in bright sunshine with an admittedly stiffish breeze which necessitated a reef or three and a scandalised rig ! However we soon encountered the first shower of the day and continued to dodge them with varying degrees of success until we were finally caught in a deluge as we returned to base. Despite all this there were plenty of happy smiling faces at the end of the day !


This is supposed to be fun ! Scandalised in the breeze A lovely day - most of the time !


John and his Hollywood extras Is it raining outside ?


It most certainly is ! Smile please !

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19/06/11 : Ludham Open Gardens & NWT Art Exhibition.

The weather wasn't very kind for a Sunday in the middle of June but nevertheless our volunteers, though spread thinly, were kept very busy, so much so that little time was available to record the days events !

As is usual Albion was moored at one of the gardens in the Ludham village event. However since our last visit the tree that normally provides such welcome shade had grown somewhat and required the phantom tree loppers of Horse Fen Road to show their skills !

As in recent years Maud was also in attendance and it was pleasing to see both surviving traders getting plenty of admiring looks.

Other than those of us meeting and greeting on Albion we had volunteers manning our art exhibition at Base and assisiting the village with river taxi duties, ferrying visitors between the gardens that were open for visitors.

Following on from their recent visits to our base it was pleasing to see the contributions of Ludham and Horning's school children on display as part of the art exhibition.


Trevor & John displaying their "skills" ? The fruits of our labour !


Posing as usual !


Ivor & Bron - the calm before the storm Jon demonstrating his wood turning skills John enjoying a well earned break


Preparing for the art exhibition Almost ready !


Ludham School Exhibits Horning School Exhibits

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16/06/11 : Maintenance Day.

Many thanks to all who turned out today to give Albion her first "spruce up" of the season.

Albion was given a general clean and a few minor repairs were attended to. Our base also received some TLC in preparation for our AGM and our Art Exhibition (in conjunction with the Ludham Open Gardens event) this Sunday.

Perhaps of more interest (!) to those present was the additional attention given to "maintaining" the BBQ and special thanks to Chris for donning his apron !


Trainee brush monkeys (HM & Dave 5) Pete & Bob getting ready for the paintings


Man's work ! "03's" inaugural outing


Well fed and happy ! Dave 2's got a new friend !

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24/05/11 : Horning School Visit.

A big thank you to all our volunteers who turned out to entertain the pupils of Horning Primary School today. There were some fine "period pieces" on display !


Briant, Ivor, Phil & Bob looking the part !?


What's this - a skipper with a quant ! Give 'im a bowler and he goes to pot ! That horse is supposed to be red hot !


Alan & Paul picking up some tips ? Unimpressed with the sleeping arrangements ! Don't step backwards, please ... !

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05/05/11 : Training Day.

Video of the training day courtesy Charles Bartram - click here.

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07/04/11 : More Volunteers in Action.

Some shots of some perhaps unlikely skills on display whilst refitting Albion today.


The snapper snapped ! Is there no end to this man's skills ? Making the bed ... ?


The HM with traditional toolset ?

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31/03/11 : An Unseasonal Visitor ! 

In search of a free cuppa :-


Stewart Walton

It was good to see one of our "old hands" visit base today. By the size of the grin it would seem that Stewart was also successful in searching out one of our chocolate biscuits ! Stewart has been involved in all aspects of volunteering from crewing and maintenance to more recent skills such as incinerating the offerings at base BBQs !

Good to see you Stewart.
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24/03/11 : It's Definitely Spring ! 

Spotted at our base today :-


Bryan Hopwood in "summer plumage"

Yes it is official we know Spring has arrived when Bryan removes his chin insulation !
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Getting All Steamed Up.

Additional photos of the steaming of the oak standing rightups (February 2011).


The "Steam Box" in action The "Steam Box" in action


Gloves are definitely in order ! A bit of reverse might be necessary !


Many hands ....


Hurry up Maynard ! A few more hands and less cameras .. ? It will bend ... honest !

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