Volunteer's World - 2012 Archive

31/08/12 : Some Open Day Photos.

Our Open Day season has come to it's end and many thanks to all of you who have helped out.

Mike "coming up for air" at Reedham ! Jon, that isn't how you quant !
Dave "2" giving Ivor some unwanted advice at Norwich ?
Phil getting very personal at Horning ? A skipper at an Open Day - whatever next ! Good to see you Paul.
How many cooks does it take to erect a gazebo at Coltishall ? That's the way to do it - or is it ?
Essential wherry kit ?
Dave "5" charming the rain away. Best less said the better !

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22/07/12 : The NWT meets the NNR.

Having taken out some North Norfolk Railway volunteers on Albion earlier in the year the railway returned the favour by providing an excellent day out for some Wherry Trust volunteers. We were given a tour around the sheds at Holt, service rides on the railway, a presentation on the history of the line and to cap it off footplate ride/driving experience on one of their visiting locomotives, David Shepherd's 9F - "Black Prince".

Martin isn't sure which side of the fence he's supposed to be on ! Our Volunteer Co-ordinator gathering his flock at Holt
In the workshops What a beauty - "Black Prince" Looking forward to the footplate ride
Fish & Chips to build up the strength
Was that good or wot ! Comparing the finer points of driving a steam locomotive

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07/06/12 : Ella Centenary.

As you will see from the Albion News section we had a good wherry turn out for the Ella Centenary event at Wroxham Broad last Saturday. The News section contains the details and some "proper" shots but the event wouldn't be complete without a "World View" !

Jill in the process of getting her copy of Wherries & Waterways signed by Bob Malster. Wish I'd thought of that !  Unbelievable the "OF" without a glass in his hand ! Scared stiff or what !?
Style Council ? Ooops - 'nuff said !
Spot the difference(s) ? Doesn't look like a Mac, do you have a user guide for it ?
Jill still after signatures .... ! JP doing what John does best. You've got some way to go before it'll balance on there !

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29/05/12 : Let The Good Ole Times Roll ?

Well done to all who made the effort for the visit of St Nicholas House School to Base today. There are plenty of photos in the News section and on our Facebook pages but here are a few that show some of our volunteers at their best !

Mike pretending she's not stuck on the mud ! Does our Honda Hero need a rest - see below ! Ivor under orders !
The Patten Bar is supposed to make this easy ?! Well I thought you should have done it like this ...!
Who said I was stuck on the mud anyway ? Bob & Virginia - a right ole wherry couple ! Alan in full swing !

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14/04/12 : Playing to the Camera ?

A further couple of photos from the today's "News" item featuring our favourite "OF" as he prepares his attempt to gate-crash The Oscars.

Roger, Mike (seated) and Pete & Gill discuss Hugh's acting performance as the camera rolls !
You have to admire the tenacity of the cameramen as, once again, Hugh rushes through the shot at high speed !

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01/03/12 : Putting her back together.

Now that most of the paint has dried it's time to find gullible volunteers to re-assemble the head and galley, most "old hands" tend to develop "bad backs" when these tasks crop up !

John & Mike make a start on the galley. One old (Honda) hand setting a good example to Rob.
Trying to add a bit of privacy to the privvy !

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12/02/12 : First Aid Training.

Our first training course of the year (First Aid for crew) produced some notable (?) images.

Our trainer James showing how it should be done. Dave "2" always likes dressing up ! Lost for words !

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12/01/12 : Christmas 2011 Celebrations.

Once again The Coach & Horses provided the venue for our Christmas "bash".

A reasonable turn out before the beer took its toll ! At least Dave "5" made an effort, shame about our volunteer co-ordinator.
Essential kit for a trainee mate ? Seem pleased with the wrist gear for some reason !

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