Volunteer's World - 2013 Archive

21/09/13 : New Home for Old Rudder.

Rudder arriving at The Locks Geldeston with much headscratching as to whether we can get it through the gate - in position - and ahh..time for a cup of tea, the bar must have been closed ?!

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05/09/13 : Volunteer's BBQ.

After our sojourn on the North Norfolk Railway last year it was time to return to more familiar surroundings for our Volunteer's BBQ. Many thanks to Dave "2" & Shirley for organising the event, their merry band of helpers for doing all the hard work and also for the delicious contributions from many of our "ladies".

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29/08/13 : An old hand visits.

One of our distant members and an old hand from the eighties visited us today bearing gifts ! Dave Thompson had been instructed by "management" to have a tidy up and "we" benefited by the donation of some excellent gifts in the form of paintings, books, "anniversary" mugs and plates not to mention some old Trust publications for our archive. Much of these are valuable and we hope to generate funds from their sale in the coming months. Dave also showed us some photos from his crewing days also featuring a very youthful Paul Bown (hope you can scan those for us Dave). Pride of place for his visit though was a radio controlled model of the wherry Gleanor. A really beautiful piece of work and I would imagine an ideal subject for a wherry model as Gleanor was fitted with an engine in later life so Dave can get some help if the wind is unfavourable without "cheating" ! Check out the photos below for details of "Gleanor" sailing in the company of Albion and Maud ! Dave - sorry the camera caught you in rather a "relaxed" pose !

Dave it was good to meet you and see Gleanor at work and thanks once again for the superb "gifts".

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25/07/13 : Open Day Observations.

It has to be said that the recent Oulton Broad and Norwich Open Days tried our volunteers patience almost to the limit. Despite there being summer days with scorching temperatures on either side of our events we managed to pick the dull exceptions (cold & wet in the case of Oulton Broad !). Visitors were notable by their scarcity and seemed reluctant to accept the offer "Would you make an old gentleman happy ... " (by coming aboard Albion) !

Idle (and bored) hands - posed obviously ! Think Dave 2 has a smile on his face. Hard at work ! (Visitor "clicking" to be fair).

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04/07/13 : More Summer Goings On.

Demonstration of our new light-weight quant ?
One more push - all help gratefully received !

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20/06/13 : Summer Maintenance.

Time to smarten up Albion after the first few charters of the season.

Chris taking his responsibilities seriously. Another Henry learning the skippers craft ?.

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02/05/13 : A New Toy!

The newest member of our Honda family has just arrived.

Our "HH" is in his element. Fine art work has been delegated. Just about fit for purpose (the engine that is).

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25/04/13 : Many Hands !

A volunteer needs many skills, here we see our merry band fulfilling our recent Newsletter mailing, so if you didn't get your copy you know who to blame !

It may look calm but ....? Thank goodness for self adhesive stamps ! Almost done.

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12/04/13 : Getting Ready for the New Season.

Whilst the "World" has been quiet of late our volunteers having been "doing what they do" over the Winter resulting in Albion being virtually ready for the new charter season. Find below a few images from our last working party (when the main objective was to refit the sail) to show that "The World" is still revolving !

Is this a quiet misty start to the day for Maud ....?
No, it's Jon in pyrotechnic mode (or is that quanting practise) ! PJ exhausted after finally fitting "The Deterrent".
Our wise sages telling PJ how he should have done it ! Seems we have a new chairman !
More sages at "work" ? Close up & personal.
Bob looking for the sail tying instructions (Chris as trainee sage)! Starting to look good.

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