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02/12/14 : An Early Start !

A very early start was required last Sunday to get Albion home from Oulton Broad, it was certainly most unusual for our intrepid volunteers to be up at such an hour. It's rumoured that a certain Honda Hero had promised bacon butties all round as an incentive to get them out of bed (a common ruse) but all that materialised was a single pork pie ? Not to worry, those hunger pangs were later sorted by a plentiful supply of the by now famous "Mrs Mick's" cake.

It shouldn't be this dark in wherry time ! You can't do knots without a bacon butty !
Bacon butties become pork pies - some breakfast ! What do you mean, do I know the way home !
Thanks for the cake Mick ! The OF & HM badgering away.

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25/09/14 : Many Hands !

With the end of our charter season comes the time of year most of us dread, it's decommissioning time which wouldn't be too bad apart from one little chore by the name of ballast removal !

So what do we do with these ? Our "chair" directing operations ! Cliff, you're not meant to be enjoying it.
Still directing ops ! Ian laying down on the job - again !
Michael, one at a time is easier ! Where are the young guys when you need them ? Pete, no need for that you haven't been in the job 5 mins !

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10/08/14 : Not all sunshine & sangria !

It's not all plain sailing as some of our hardy crew test their waterproofs out at Hardley Mills. Thanks to Clive Gardner for the use of his waterproof camera !

The headmaster looks in need of a warm cuppa ! Extreme knot tying lesson ?
It's not soo bad - honestly !

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21/07/14 : An Oscar Performance ?

Whilst the stars of the show (those with the funny hats) mingled with the likes of Ben Fogle and the ITV film crew there were plenty of extras available to lend a hand as required. Thanks to Charles Bartram for some nice "observations" of our Honda Hero !

Single-handed eh, must be for the sound effects ! Are you sure you want this raised again ?!.
Not deemed suitable for putting in the can - any ideas why ?!

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09/05/14 : Boy am I having fun !

Good to hear that Mick (of scrumptious cakes fame !) is settling in nicely since joining our merry band. Here are a few of his photos covering his "early days" including powerboat training, Albion maintenance, sail training and finally being let loose on a public charter !

Briant getting up to speed. Our Honda Hero providing words of wisdom.
Jeff will get a rollicking for using THAT mug ! Woman's Work ?
Master and Commander ? This is what it's all about !

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01/05/14 : May Day Moments.

With Albion off delivering beer our merry band of volunteers turn their hands to tidying up around the base. There were rumours that The Headmaster had a rake in his hand at one point - missed photo opportunity !

Gill suggesting that Mike needs another shovel ? Tacking down the path - trainee skipper at work !

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13/04/14 : Let Them Eat Cake !

When I mentioned to Mick our latest volunteer that he'd fit in well if he brought the odd cake along to our working parties little did I realise what a gem we'd found, this is the third week running that we've been treated, long may it continue. (I suspect grateful thanks need to be passed to Mrs H !).

Apple & cinnamon - yummy ! Making old gentlemen very happy. Earning some cake !

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09/01/14 : Christmas 2013 Celebrations.

We had a good turn out at The Coach & Horses which has become our traditional Christmas watering hole !

Part of the gathering. More of the gathering (with a couple of duplicates !).
Honestly, I am enjoying this yarn. Hopefully a fishing tale !
Time for some food. Chill out time.
Trust us we'll be OK once we're on board Albion. Think the photographer is starting to annoy ! Thanks to all at The Coach & Horses.

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