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05/11/15 : That Time Of Year !

Our happy band of revellers have been having so much fun lately as can be seen below ! The general stripping out process of preparing Albion for her Winter maintenace program has just culminated in evey volunteers favourite task : ballast removal ! A call to arms to all and sundry was well received and as they say "many hands made light work" (although it didn't seem so at the time !).

Think Ivor has been "gaffed" ! This is almost as unpopular as de-ballasting !
A hint to idle hands ? You need a good watcher for every job ! A very fetching outfit Clive !
Is there any more down there ?
A well deserved rest - job done.

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26/08/15 : Ice Maidens !

Some familiar faces at our Open Days found time for a bit of self-pampering at Horning (Virginia) and Hoveton (Bron).

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07/07/15 : Volunteers cruise.

How many volunteers do you need to sail a wherry - an excercise of discovery ;-)

Our annual volunteer's cruise explored different territory this year as we explored part of the Southern River system from Oulton Broad. Find below a slightly longer than normal photographic record of a very enjoyable day.

A pleasant start to the day. Vital equipment delivery ! Blowing your own .... ?!
The snapper snapped ! Let's be 'avin you. Sound advice !
Which end do you look through ? A bit arty ? What time does the pub open ?
All going well. Striking pose(r)s ?
Not part of the plan - pub not open. Taking on ballast - eventually.
Looking good ? Time for reflection. Oi skipper, if you want your supper, say "please" !
The bittern (click for slightly larger version) ! Back to moorings - just in time.

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05/07/15 : What is it about Beccles and rain ?

Recent visits to Beccles seem to start out well but have invariably been interrupted by summer thunderstorms and the like. Well today was a little different in that we didn't even start very well and continued in the same vein until we were effectivelly rained off. At least there wasn't any thunder and lightning !

Happy times, the 30 minute dry spell at the start of day !
Hope it wasn't our makeshift water-proofing that put the visitors off !
Probably not, but our Honda Hero lurking underneath may have !
Think this counts as multi-tasking to any ladies that hold that old misconception !

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08/05/15 : Training and More !

Crew training has been more or less successfully completed, chartering begins.

Who needs a winch ? Come on, use the handle !
You've all done very well. Don't think the mud weight is meant to go there !
Archiving teamwork ! A builder volunteers ?

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04/04/15 : Winter Observations Etc !

All part of the everyday volunteer's life at base.

An unwelcome visitor upsets the paint crew ! If I lay my hands on that cat ...
Obvious chairmen material. Proper volunteers material !
Plenty of supervision ? This is the way to do it !
"Copypu" manoeuvres. How many crew does it take to moor a "coypu" ?
Ouch ! One heck of an elastoplast ?

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08/01/15 : Christmas 2014 Celebrations !

As is customary our volunteers assembled at the Coach & Horses for a (late) Christmas celebration and forced themselves to drink copious amounts of ale (and the odd lager (diet) shandy [you know who you are !]) to dispatch generous portions of "seasonal" fare !

Whilst some "showed the flag", others didn't !

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