Sail on Wherry Albion

Details of ALL Sailing experiences are here.

We offer three ways of experiencing Albion under sail on the very rivers she was built to trade under sail over one hundred and twenty years ago. You can join one of the day cruises that are organised each year – you can book up to 6 places. You can arrange a group of up to 12 family, friends or work colleagues and have a private charter (i.e. hire) of Albion for a day trip (or longer). You can join of the 4 hour short sailing trips if time is limited or you want a “taster” experience. In all cases, a qualified skipper and crew will not only sail Albion but do their best to ensure you thoroughly enjoy the special experience of travelling under sail.

To find out more about the sailing experiences we offer on Albion or to make an online booking, please visit our Day Cruise and Charter Online Booking website by following this link or clicking on the image below.

There are some practicalities to be aware of:

  • The maximum number of passengers is 12 including children of all ages.
  • Adverse weather and river conditions may limit or prevent sailing Albion.
  • Individual passengers must have sufficient mobility to be able to board and move around Albion – she is preserved as a heritage trading vessel.
  • No pets.
  • Terms and Conditions (including Refund and Cancellation policy) apply to every booking for a charter and day cruise.