Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments

The following risk assessments are applicable to all volunteers including crew.

Risk Assessment 2 – Base ActivitiesPDF
Risk Assessment 3 – Cox’s Boatyard Activities (08-Oct-21)PDF
Risk Assessment 5 – Open Days & VisitorsPDF
Risk Assessment 6 – Education VisitsPDF
Risk Assessment 8 – Covid-19PDF
Risk Assessment 9 – Fire (including Base Evacuation Plan)PDF
Register of NWT Risk Assessments

If anyone has a safety concern at any time, they should stop immediately, make safe and contact the Base Manager or the Chairman of the Trust as appropriate.

When you have read all the Risk Assessments, please complete the Declaration below.

All Risk Assessments are subject to periodic review and amendment – the links above will direct you to the latest (i.e. current) document. You may be asked in the future to re-submit this Declaration.